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Thread: Suggestions for Core Jazz Mandolin Repertoire

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    Default Suggestions for Core Jazz Mandolin Repertoire

    I'm trying to put together a list of 20 tunes that should be the essential core repertoire for all Jazz mandolinists. I want this list of tunes to be a broad sampling of all the different Jazz styles for players at varying levels of ability. What do you think I should include? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Suggestions for Core Jazz Mandolin Repertoire

    Is this for a class or something? My personal philosophy is that this may be too general of a question, since 'jazz' is really about a dozen different styles differentiated by era and geography, and it feels weird to make a list that includes Darktown Strutters Ball alongside Giant Steps.

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    Default Re: Suggestions for Core Jazz Mandolin Repertoire

    I"ve been listening to alot of the "classics" (Lewie Armstrong, Miles Davis, Jonny Coletrane and thelonous monk) and I've seen some good covers of "autom leaves" and rather like the tune myself.
    I can't give any other names, I just put the media player on shuffle and listen and soak up the music. Ashame I don't retain much more than good feelings from it, or maybe I could play more.

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    Default Re: Suggestions for Core Jazz Mandolin Repertoire

    Depends on where it's aimed. since my bass playing days with jazz I tend to dive into a sub-genre for a while and learn to swim in that then go to another pool once I'm comfortable there. I'd find it a bit daunting to be too scattered in terms of styles. That could be a lot of different techniques to grapple with all at once.

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    Default Re: Suggestions for Core Jazz Mandolin Repertoire

    Pete Martin
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    Default Re: Suggestions for Core Jazz Mandolin Repertoire

    I can see where you're coming from... I'malso dipping my feet at the Jazz end of the pond...
    Here's what I'm shootin' for:
    Autumn Leaves, Nuages, Swing in Am, Over The Rainbow, Bellville, Sweet Georgia Brown, Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen, All of Me... and I'll add to that next year...

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