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Thread: Lawrence Nyberg OM Build Thread

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    Default Re: Lawrence Nyberg OM Build Thread

    I'm sure you're enjoying that OM John, but when you step back into the light of day, share a few pics and impressions with us.

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    Default Re: Lawrence Nyberg OM Build Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve-o View Post
    I'm sure you're enjoying that OM John, but when you step back into the light of day, share a few pics and impressions with us.

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    Default Re: Lawrence Nyberg OM Build Thread

    Hey guys/gals,

    It's been almost 4 months since I got the Nyberg OM and thought it's about time to write a review. I wanted to get used to it and really get a feel for it before I wrote about my impressions. Simply put ~ I love it! Lawrence was great to work with and we became good friends out of it. It was such a great experience for my family (and his I hope) to go over to his place and see how it was coming along while it was being built. Our kids did some jamming on a couple of occasions and they will be going to the same school in a couple of years.

    It took some getting used to the long stretches coming from a mandolin and I had to figure out new fingering for the tunes/songs I already knew. At first it was a bit frustrating and rewarding at the same time. I soon realized to stop trying to play it like a mandolin and treat it as a totally different instrument. Right around the time we picked it up, my son and I started playing with a couple of other people on our island and a band formed out of it. I was learning new songs and things starting falling into place. In the band I'm mostly playing rhythm/chording and it fit in really nicely. I think focusing on that aspect of playing took my mind off melody playing and I really enjoyed it. After our first gig together at the beginning of the month, I went back to the fiddle/ITM tunes I already knew and the stretches weren't nearly as difficult as when I first picked it up. That gave me a ton of motivation and I am now finding that I am picking up the OM more than my mandolin these days. The sustain and tone are incredible on this thing and the string tension is wonderful. The craftsmanship is as good as the best I've seen in any instrument. You can really tell that Lawrence takes pride in work and it shows.

    Here's a couple of videos from a few weeks ago. The headway pickup that was installed sounds very natural. With that said, in the video the amp's reverb knob got knocked way up while loading it on stage and I didn't notice until afterwards. I knew something sounded different than usual, but I was happy with it and didn't worry about it. My son, Tai, is playing a Pomeroy mandolin.

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    Default Re: Lawrence Nyberg OM Build Thread

    Denman John, thanks for posting the review. Although I have never seen or heard a Nyberg instrument in person, I can without a doubt say it seems like a beautiful instrument. My next purchase, whenever that may be, may very well wind up being a Nyberg!

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