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Thread: Wild horses. Rolling stones

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    Always looking for new tunes to try on this instrument that I am getting the hang of finally. We tried this with the band last night and it sounded great on mando. Had a Taylor 12 string and another guy playing the leads along with bass and drum but it sounded good with just acoustics as we were learning it. Looking for more songs. What ya got

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    Story of My Life by Social Distortion works great as a bluegrass tune. We are working it up now and it is really perfect for the genre.

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    Choices by George Jones. Ramblin' Fever by Haggard. Both work great live with a mandolin and aren't the least bit overdone .

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    If you are staying the the Stones, then Dead Flowers is lots of fun to do on Mandolin! Many Pink Floyd tunes are good, Wish You Were Here, Brain Damage, etc. Lots of good tunes.
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