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Thread: Question about D'Addario EXP74CMs

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    Default Question about D'Addario EXP74CMs

    Hey yawl,
    I put a set EXP74CMs on my mando and really like the way they sound, but I find the wound strings, particularly the D, to be grabby. I have a tough time making slides.

    They have only been on about a week. I'd like to hear if anyone has experienced the same thing. Or maybe the grabbiness will dissipate over time.

    Any other coated recommendations? This is the first time I've tried coated strings and I like the idea of not having to change strings so often.

    I really like the gauges, especially the 11.5 E string. The G string seems a little more alive than other sets I have tried.


    Tim Wilson

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    Default Re: Question about D'Addario EXP74CMs

    Finger Ease will help with that.

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