I recently replaced some shiny silver screws on two instruments with black screws. I like how they no longer jump out at me as a visual element.

My friend thinks it was silly to replace screws in the black truss rod cover and pick guard with black screws.

I was thinking about it, and realize that i prefer the same de-emphasis of the screw heads on other gear, like with black pickups on electric guitars, gear in my rack, and even when I use plugs over the sunken connectors/hardware on furniture.

The conversation faded from my mind, but jumped out upon seeing a recent listing for a nice instrument in natural and muted colors... and silver screws in the pickguard.

I realize that for me, taking the time to bring down the visible profile of such parts is a possible indicator of such time and care involved in other aspects of a particular piece.

The fact that they sell gear where connectors are de-emphasized, and that replacements are available, means there is a market for such parts. Heck, you can even buy plugs at hardware stores for countersunk holes.

Anyone else here ever notice one way or the other?