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Thread: tenor or new standard tuning

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    Eek, 25.5 inch CGDAEB- what do you use for the B string? I tried that tuning on a Guild 12, and even NYXL 0.007s and .008s popped.
    I use strings from Octave 4 Plus.

    Here's a few topics on some things I did.!

    I also used to have a Tacoma Papoose tuned in CGDAEB full fifths, but that got retuned as a 19" scale length standard tuned guitar for someone who is a little person, so it went to a good cause. I think I also posted somewhere about using high-strength monofilament fishing line as the high string to get to full fifths on a classical Yamaha Silent Guitar.

    Playing a funky oval-hole scroll-body mandolin, several mandolins retuned to CGDA, three CGDA-tuned Flatiron mandolas, two Flatiron mandolas tuned as octave mandolins,and a six-course 25.5" scale CGDAEB-tuned Ovation Mandophone.

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