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Thread: Article: The Mandolin in America

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    Default Re: Article: The Mandolin in America

    Noting today's 5th anniversary of the publication of this great book. A real must read by Walter Carter.

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    Default Re: Article: The Mandolin in America

    Got the book, along with Sparks, MacDonald and others... doing my homework. I've always been interested in the historical and cultural aspects of musical traditions. I hate it when people say "It's always been that way" about any aspect of music, whether classical, bluegrass, or hip-hop. It might not have obvious implications for actually performing, but knowing about different developments and changes in style over time might influence the way you approach a piece from a different time or culture.

    It's also a matter of respect for the people who built a tradition or system that we enjoy playing in. I thank all the scholars out there who take time to find out how we got where we are.

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    Default Re: Article: The Mandolin in America

    This is a good read. Lots of information that is new to me. And Iím gaining insight into why so many mandolin players have an attitude about banjos!
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