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Thread: Reasons to avoid practicing

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    Default Re: Reasons to avoid practicing

    I'm too busy noodling to practice.
    But that's just my opinion. I could be wrong. - Dennis Miller

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    Default Re: Reasons to avoid practicing

    I don't practice because of the commitment. I hate commitment.
    Life is short, play hard. Life is really really short, play really really hard.

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    Default Re: Reasons to avoid practicing

    I find it quite interesting, and humorous, that a thread about not practicing has gone this far. Even more, that I follow this thread and have read every post. Now I don't feel all alone.
    "If your memories exceed your dreams, you have begun to die." - Anonymous

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    Default Re: Reasons to avoid practicing

    I know the thread is intended to be something to giggle about, but I love practicing. It's so hard to find time to do it, but I would play 8 hours every day if I could. More!

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    Default Re: Reasons to avoid practicing

    Me too, I love practising.
    The problem I have is that I practice tunes in order to record them for the Song a Week Social group on the Forum here on MandolinCafe. And I can play them reasonably well, I mean I’m happy enough with them.

    And then they’re ready to record...
    but I can not record them!

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