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    Default Carl Kress

    I just discovered Carl Kress one of the pioneers of electric guitar. He tuned his guitar in fifths, F#CGDAE coming from the tenor banjo/guitar world. Check out the duets he recorded with George Barnes, another electric pioneer. If you go to Spotify search for "Guitars Anyone?".

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    Thanks for bringing up one of the early greats. Kress did tune his guitar in 5ths but early in his career the tuning was Bb-F-C-G-D-A. Later on when he was playing with George Barnes he changed it to Bb-F-D-G-A-D. The only guitarist i know of who is still active who uses this type of tuning is Marty Grosz who tunes Bb-F-C-G-B-D.
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    Default Re: Carl Kress

    Check out recordings of Carl Kress and Dick McDonough, like this one.

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    Default Re: Carl Kress

    One of my favorite Carl Kress tunes:

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    Default Re: Carl Kress

    I can't get this Kress piece ("Love Song") out of my head. I think it's in the Mel Bay book Masters of the Plectrum Guitar, but my copy is gone missing.

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