Pete Martin is a popular mandolinist, and a regular contributor to Mandolin Cafe. He lives in (what U.S. folks call) the Pacific Northwest, and plays mandolin, fiddle, guitar, and bass. He's a former (U.S.) National Adult Fiddle Champion, and placed in the top five at the National Mandolin Contest. In the 1980's, Pete played with the Skyline Drifters, a bluegrass band, not to be confused with the contemporary English band of the same name. He plays bluegrass regularly in Seattle with Neighbourhood Boys and The Wild Hares, as well as playing jazz with the Pete Martin Trio, bluegrass and old country with High and Lonesome, and Texas fiddle with Gary Lee Moore. Pete is a sophisticated and versatile musician, a recording artist, who plays and teaches in various styles. He's well known as an instructor, who, as well as giving lessons by Skype, has produced a number of videos and books for learning mandolin and fiddle. We, the members of Mandolin Cafe, have noted that Pete Martin is generous with his time and knowledge, helping us expand our musical understanding and technique. Below are his lively bluegrass-influenced takes on blues and ragtime. (if you have anything to correct or add, Pete, please let us know.)

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Here, Pete Matin plays a blues piece. If the links don't work, search YouTube for "Rich's Blues by Pete Martin".

Now for a fine traditional rag. If the links don't work, search YouTube for "Cotton Patch Rag played on mandolin by Pete Martin".