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Thread: Triplets Pick Direction

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    Default Re: Triplets Pick Direction

    Thanks Jeff, me too but it’s the chocolate bingeing I’ve been on! Months of cold with lots of rain here in S. France.

    I just checked and yes the tremolo 3’s I do on the second eighth note on the measure in 6/8 time are UDU’s which helps to get the pick ready (above) for the next DUD.
    -so one measure can be: (D-UDU- D-U-D-) and then back to (D-U-D- D-U-D-) and the timing as I believe Jeff says for the UDU is straight like a tremolo whereas the jig has a slightly longer first eighth note.

    ...though (D-UDUD D-U-D-) jumps in too!!

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    Default Re: Triplets Pick Direction

    Another resurrected thread soliciting opinions (since there is no one, universal, "correct" answer). I'm subject to doing it any way that suits me, but my "default" is to use HO/PO as that interferes the least with the right hand groove, IMO, and where they don't work well and need to be articulated more clearly I generally use DUD, regardless of whether this is followed by another D ... I sort of ingrained the DUDDUD pattern a few years ago for jigs and jig-like triplety passages in non-jigs.

    But sharing this information is useless, because the flock of people who wish to emulate my personal technique consists of exactly none.
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