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Thread: Tab writing apps

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    Default Re: Tab writing apps

    Been a PC guy since the 4MHz 8088 processor and 64k memory. I have an iPhone but the only thing musical I do on it is look up mandolin chords with the BasicChords app.
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    Default Re: Tab writing apps

    I’m not a computer person at all. I have learned to use a tablet to keep my music together and organized out of necessity. I play with too many different folks to cart all the various arrangements around on paper. I like paper for practicing fiddle tunes and such at home, but it’s handy to have a tablet for remembering lyrics or more chordally complicated stuff when you’re out and about and playing songs that I don’t play frequently enough to have committed to memory.

    I see tab writing, for me, as an intermediary tool for writing down what I have picked out by ear and then having it before me to keep practicing until I have it fleshed out and have it up to speed and memorized. I’ve been doing the pencil and paper method but I find my handwritten transcriptions harder to read than a nicely printed page like Baron’s.

    Browsing thru the app store for an iPad app has been confusing. They are not always so clear about what they do and don’t do and what needs to be purchased as an upgrade and how much that upgrade will cost. So far, the Tef Pad looks like the ticket, but I’m leary of apps with in-app add-ons. It would be nice if they told you before you purchase what are the features you aren’t getting in the basic version (they might be essential ones, as it often seems to be) and how much do you really need to spend to get whay you need.

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    Default Re: Tab writing apps

    I have both Musescore and TablEdit, along with TEFpad Pro. When you have one full version, the additional platform is discounted but I don’t remember how much (50%?). I never write on my iPad and I rarely write in Musescore or TablEdit as each has annoying quirks.

    I do like transposing in Musescore as it’s easier than TablEdit, but as I play better it is easier to transpose by ear, sight reading the original chart. I don’t write out licks as I work on learning them by ear, to generate the sound I want in any circumstance. Both apps are useful, for free I’d start with Musescore, invest a little time in learning the interface and go from there.

    That said, I use TablEdit more than Musescore, but Musescore has a wide variety of nonmandolin centric tunes available which is helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baron Collins-Hill View Post
    I write all the sheet music and tablature for MandoLessons in MuseScore and have been very happy with it.

    Was going to ask you about this during your Office Hours. Now I don't have to!
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    I've used the website to transcribe a song or two for free and it worked fine once you figure out their system.

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