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Thread: 1940s Gibson A-50

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    Default Re: 1940s Gibson A-50

    Or you could have spent the last 40 years or so of your life accumulating information and writing books about the subject. It's hard when you have a career in another industry but it's always good to know who you are talking to. Just my take.
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    Default Re: 1940s Gibson A-50

    I have seen and owned many one off Gibson mandolins, guitars and banjos, so it wouldn't surprise me if they shared FON #'s during the depression! But I believe it would be on the lower end models. The high end stuff like the expensive F-5's should be the same, maybe Gibson stuff that corresponds with their budget brand equivalent would have the same #'s as stated above! I've had some mandolins that had to be custom jobs that weren't the same as catalog descriptions such as a few wide bodied A-50's with the flowerpot peg head inlay, or an elevated fret board on an F-4 with a fern/ or flowerpot and normal dots while others had the Lucus inlay 7 pattern? I've seen late 30's F-5's and Gibson flat tops with an extra long neck by one fret etc....So with Gibson in those days nothing would be too surprising on what they built and how it was #rd!

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