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Thread: Info about Gibson A12 71385

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    My dad inherited this as a child from his dad. Had a beautiful sound, played by him from the 30s through 2000. Looking for a value for insurance purposes. And any other history you might have? Sadly, after being handled with extreme care for decades, it was stored in hot attic and the banding around the back of the body, up near the neck has separated from the body. Music store says still playable, needs a bit of cleaning up, new strings, etc. Thanks.

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    Hello, Sally.
    We will need to see at least a couple of pictures of your father's mandolin to determine the model and the year that it was built.

    Serial number 71385 would point to a build date in either the early 1920's or the early 1960's. But model A-12 was first introduced in 1970. Is it possible that the model is A-2 rather than A-12? Does it have an oval sound hole or "f" shaped sound holes? What color is it?

    If you can give us some pictures, we'll be able to figure out what you have.
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    Sounds like you should post a couple of pics. Since this has been in the family for so long how cool would it be to have it repaired and learn to play it?
    PS rcc56 is a knowledgeable mandolin guy.

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    Default Re: Info about Gibson A12 71385

    Yes photos would be very helpful! As If its an A-12-thats a late 60's early 70's model correct? But if h played this in the 1930's its no A-12 unless one of those unknown prototype Gibson's-they do surface!

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    I am sure getting the binding re-glued and any other things that may need mending would not be a problem. However, it would be best to use someone with an appreciation for a vintage instrument.

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