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Thread: Upgrading a tailpiece

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    Another +1 for a really good setup, as opposed to the 'proper' setups that many shops give you.
    I recently got a Loar 310F as my kitchen mandolin, bought on Ebay but you could tell by that wonderful smell that the guy wasn't fibbing when he said it was all but unplayed. Assuming that was the original shop setup, I wasn't surprised he'd not got into it! I'm no pro in setups, but gave it quite a bit of practical attention plus a set of good strings, and it's now an inviting mandolin. Nothing flash, but really good to pick up halfway through making the tea.
    Tailpiece replacement? I probably wouldn't expect much if any tonal improvement, but if you're keeping that mandolin and want something that looks and works nicer then why not? (double bass duties)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Hanson View Post
    Ray [T]

    Hi Ray, you are in danger of being accused of using common sense.

    Dave H
    Hi Dave, you’ll be accusing me of being a gentleman next!

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