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Thread: March Mandolin Festival- Concord, New Hampshire

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    Default March Mandolin Festival- Concord, New Hampshire

    I was at the Concord Community Music School this past Tuesday evening for rehearsal (I play with the adult fiddle ensemble there), and someone mentioned that there were just about ten spots left for the annual March Mandolin Festival, hosted by David Surette (who teaches there several days a week. So, if anyone is thinking they might want to go, it might be a good idea to get your registration in ASAP. You can register on-line through the school’s website:

    It’s a great line-up of instructors this year with Radim Zenkl, Maddie Wittler, and Steve Roy joining David for a two day event of workshops and jamming. Hey, if you are not one for workshops there are literally jams happening all day in a variety of styles (Celtic, Bluegrass, Old Time, etc.).

    The Festival kicks off Friday evening (March 6th) with a concert in Kittery, Maine and goes through Sunday around lunchtime the 8th. I know there were some folks looking for jam events in the Portland (Maine) area. This is a good way to get out and meet New England mandolin-ers.

    So, who’s going from here? ( There are about 45 people already signed up. Simple math, since there are 55 spots and roughly 10 left) Anyone?
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    Hope to see some of you there for the weekend or for the concerts! Really excited about this year's lineup; it will be great to have Radim back, he wowed people last time, maybe 10 years ago.


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    I will be attending. I’m pretty new to the mandolin, having started about 6 months ago. I’m looking forward to the workshops and getting some more exposure to the various styles of music played on the mandolin.

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