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Thread: 1920's Gibson Tenor Banjo info

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    Well actually, the hex nut and washer that hold the round hook that wraps around the coordinator rod are also present on my apparently factory original "Melody Model." So are the two bolts. Mine lacks the metal rods that are meant to be embedded into the backing plate though, and uses two tiny springs instead. These are all an earlier version of the trap-door system that used only one flat head screw to secure the edge of the resonator to the rim. The more familiar 3 screw system that Pops is referring to is a later refinement.

    If I had a camera and wasn't feeling so lazy, I would pull the trap door off and shoot a picture. Everything in the Ebay listing except the rods is identical to what is in my instrument and belongs there, but the backing plate and the rods need to be re-assembled and re-glued into position.
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