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Thread: How much do you practice?

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    Default Re: How much do you practice?

    Mando -- not at all. Guitar -- a bit. I used to play more in song circles, before COVID.


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    Default Re: How much do you practice?

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    Default Re: How much do you practice?

    About a hour a day on the weekdays and probably 2 one hour sessions on the weekend. I'm trying to be more focused on practice and setting goals. Working on about 2 fiddle tunes a month. I should be better for as much as I practice. But it sure is fun to play and my mando sounds sweet to my ears (not so much on video playback...)

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    Default Re: How much do you practice?

    Looks like a lot of folks say an hour a day and I fall into that category as well. I do different things every other day or so to break things up and learn different songs and styles.
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    Not as much as I would like. Since I started working from home due to the pandemic, I decided to hang my mandolins on either side of my desk. That way I can pick them up and practice at will since I'm looking at them throughout the day. Right now, it's about 30 minutes of practice every other day followed by 30=60 minutes of noodling and playing.
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    Except recently, I make sure i am behind a mandolin at least once a day. A jam or sometimes two a week and a rehearsal once a week and the remaining days I practice at home.

    Two things have changed that. One is that I have been on an extended work assignment aboard a ship under way in the North Pacific, and knew I had to keep my "head in the game" while on board so I did not bring a mandolin.

    And the other is the pestilence in the land that has turned all jams into zoom jams, which are just not my cup of tea.

    Returning from the ship I will get back into the habit of getting the mandolin out at least once a day.
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    My two favorite quotes on the topic once to the effect of "I hear it if I miss a day of practice. If I miss two, you will as well" and "There are no cheat codes, no short cuts, in learning to play music. There's only time".

    As far as how long, I think of it like physical exercise. 20 mins a day min & I try to get as much more as I can. I firmly believe anyone can learn to play as instrument with as little 10 mins a day. It's just a matter of how long it takes!

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    Not enough practice, and been playing mandolin for 5 years. Shelter at home notwithstanding, I am an "essential employee" with two jobs, and still not enough time.

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    Playing for 30+ years. Currently I practice at least 2 hours / weekday and about 6 on Sat and Sun (that’s 6 hrs each day.)
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    Just got back into it after a nearly 2 year hiatus. Been playing electric bass, but the tiny Mando strings are indeed a little painful for awhile.

    I’d recommend getting the lightest strings you can and setting the action as low as possible while still being playable. I used to use .0115-.041 strings, and opted for the .011-.040, with considerably lower action than I used previously. Played for close to three hours at a jam yesterday and held up. The instrument didn’t have quite as much punch as I like, so I’ll probably go back to the heavy strings and higher action eventually. When you’re starting off, easy playability is more important, though.

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