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Thread: A Question for National RM1 Owners

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    Default A Question for National RM1 Owners

    I have a National RM1 mandolin that I plan to put up for sale soon in the Cafe classifieds. But before I do, I'm seeking a bit of information to help me answer questions that might come up from prospective buyers.

    The instrument sounds great, plays great & looks great. But it has a repair: when it was shipped to me two years ago by a previous owner, the end block cracked in shipment, from side to side, near the endpin. It was in its hard case, but it may have suffered a drop on its end, and the padding inside the case was perhaps insufficient to prevent the endpin from hitting the wall of the case and taking the impact. I had it professionally repaired. The repair, while visible, has remained stable.

    I'd like to know if any other RM1 owners out there have had anything similar happen, especially in the tailpiece and endpin area.

    Any observations or experiences to share?

    Much appreciated!

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    Not in mine, but mine doesn't travel too much.

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    That repair will certainly reduce the selling price of the instrument although these are still moderately scarce these days and it looks like the orices have gone up some for new ones.

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