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Thread: Chris Henry New Monroe Improvisation Course

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    Bumping this thread. I think we just finished Week 28 of the Monroe Improv Workshop Series. There are a few spots that have opened and Chris will be moving it to evening time on the East Coast as it has been during the day. We just got to learn from Dr. Richard Brown, which was a real treat. Had lots of guests including Peter Rowan, Mike Compton, and Lauren Price. I highly recommend this for anyone trying to step up their Monroe game or their ear training game. I cannot believe how much my ear and Monroe vocabulary have evolved in the past few months. Having played for almost 10 years I have been told time and again that I need to learn how to listen to actual breaks, slow them down and learn them note for note, just by listening and I am finally doing it.

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    Some deep dish Monroe here from Chris w/ Mike Compton and David McLaughlin !!
    Git it while its hot..
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