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Thread: What are your favorite albums featuring mandolin?

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    Default Re: What are your favorite albums featuring mandolin?

    Rich DelGrosso's Get Your Nose Outta My Bizness!

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    Default Re: What are your favorite albums featuring mandolin?

    Me like this
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    Default Re: What are your favorite albums featuring mandolin?

    I was listening to Jesse McReynolds & Friends -Songs of the Grateful Dead today. If you’re into the Dead and the mandolin it’s hard to go wrong.

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    Default Re: What are your favorite albums featuring mandolin?

    Jerry Garcia and David Grisman - Shady Grove

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    Reading through the previous postings, I didn't see many titles that I would have listed. Maybe it is because most of mine date back 50-30 years, and pre-date the collections of the younger Cafe players. So I'll throw this out as a resource list for those folks...ask your dad if he's got a copy of some of these!

    Ry Cooder - Into the Purple Valley, Paradise & Lunch
    R. Crumb & The Cheap Suit Serenaders - The Cheap Suit Serenaders, 2 (aka Chasin' Rainbows) (Alan Dodge, mando)
    various - Early Mandolin Classics
    Johnny Young - I Can't Keep My Foot From Stomping
    Tiny Moore - Tiny Moore Music
    Jethro Burns - Swing Low Sweet Mandolin
    Niles Hokkanen - On Fire & Ready!
    Ben Trout - Metalgrass - Instrumental Electric Mandolin

    Dave Swarbrick - Swarbrick/Swarbrick 2
    Fairport Convention - Angel Delight (Dave Swarbrick, Dave Pegg, mandos)
    Jethro Tull - Catfish Rising, The Jethro Tull Christmas Album
    Planxty - Planxty, The Well Below The Valley, Cold Blow and the Rainy Night (Andy Irvine, mando)
    Mick Moloney - Strings Attached
    Andy Irvine & Paul Brady - Andy Irvine & Paul Brady
    Paul Brady - Welcome Here Kind Stranger
    Lindisfarne - Nicely Out Of Tune (Ray Jackson, mando)
    Whippersnapper - Promises (Dave Swarbick, Chris Leslie mandos and fiddles)
    The Helsinki Mandoliners - The Helsinki Mandoliners
    Jarmo Rompanen - Nordic Mandolin

    Jimmy Gaudreau - The Gaudreau Mandolin Album, Classic JAG
    Doyle Lawson - Tennessee Dream
    Tony Rice - Guitar (Larry Rice on mando)
    Larry Rice & Niles Hokkanen - Larry Rice & Niles Hokkanen
    Frank Wakefield - Frank Wakefield with Country Cooking, The Good Old Boys
    The Tim Ware Group - The Tim Ware Group
    Buzz Busby & Leon Morris - Honkytonk Bluegrass
    Larry Sparks - Lonesome Guitar
    David Grisman - The David Grisman Rounder Album
    Muleskinner - Muleskinner
    Skaggs & Rice
    Ricky Skaggs - Boone Creek

    Dave Apollon - The Man With The Mandolin

    there are others, but I can't recall specific album titles... Jody Stecher did some fine playing on solo and albums with his wife Kate Brislin.

    Other albums, usually with a doubler/multi-instrumentalist, might only have a one, two or three tracks with mando: I'm thinking of Sid Page (with Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks), Dave Swarbrick, Ry Cooder, David Lindley, Martin Carthy (solo, Brass Monkey), Martin Jenkins (Dandoshaft, Hedgehog Pie), (70s-80s) Ricky Skaggs, Richard Thompson, Johnny Gimble, Ian Anderson . Stecher plays about 5 or 6 different instruments.

    Some of my favorite mandolin players played something else (fiddle, guitar, electric guitar, flute) as their primary instrument, and this is what made their mando playing so attractive to my ear - a different vocabulary and approach.

    Niles Hokkanen

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    Default Re: What are your favorite albums featuring mandolin?

    So many...Only things I think haven't been mentioned specifically are the Grisman/Rice Tone Poem albums and Don Stiernberg's latest, Straight Ahead.

    Listening to Tiny Moore on this a lot lately.

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    Default Re: What are your favorite albums featuring mandolin?

    hands down one of my favorite is noam pikelny getting ronnie mccoury on his baker play monroe album
    hold on were strumming with grisman and bush
    as well as anything dawg.

    the noam album really sticks out for me because you get to hear alot of monroe tunes you dont get to hear big ronnie on a whole lot

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    Default Re: What are your favorite albums featuring mandolin?

    Peter Oshtroushko - The Mando Chronicles

    Andy Statman - Flatbush Waltz

    Beethoven -

    • Sonatina in C minor, WoO 43, No. 1
    • Adagio in E-flat, WoO 43, No. 2
    • Sonatina in C, WoO 44, No. 1
    • Andante and Variations in D, WoO 44, No. 2

    By no means the whole list, just what is on top of the pile without moving anything too much.
    Having something to say is highly over rated.

    The entire staff

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    Default Re: What are your favorite albums featuring mandolin?

    I had to go to my mandolin collection (all over the place) and select some cds I really like. Here you go:
    Cafe Brasil - wonderful choro music and a really nice booklet
    Contratopia: "Smitten" - the 3rd recording by John Goodin and friends
    Peter Ostroushko - "Coming Down from Red Lodge" (I actually have all, or almost all of Peter's great recordings)
    David Grisman, Martin Taylor and Frank Vignola: "First Time Together!" (like many others...I have a lot of Grisman's recordings)
    Caterina Lichtenberg - "Solo" a new classical recording by her and it is really good!
    Avi Vital - "Between Worlds" (largely classical; he plays with other first rate musicians)
    from Marilynn Mair: "Meu Bandolier" with some lovely piano duets w. Luiz Simas
    & her "The Mandolin in the 18th Century" - lovely playing with various other artists
    ....that's a start.

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    Default Re: What are your favorite albums featuring mandolin?

    Excellent list Nick.

    Formerly from Aptos,


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    Default Re: What are your favorite albums featuring mandolin?

    Surprised that nobody mentioned Norman Blake (Rising Fawn String Quartet). Mind I have been out of the Mando community for a decade or so. I have just dug out a transcription of his piece 'Thebes' from the Directions album. A challenge for an old bloke but the old mando needs to do more than hang on the wall.

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    Default Re: What are your favorite albums featuring mandolin?

    Here are some international recordings:
    Carlo Aonzo and Katsumi Nagaoka - Kaze
    Giovanni Giovale -Mandolin & Banjo
    Júlio Pereira - O Meu Bandolim
    MandolinMan - Old Tunes, Dusted Down
    Radim Zenkl - Mandolin Parade
    Simon Mayor first two recordings
    SnaarmaarWaar -SnaarmaarWaar
    Cristobal Soto - Calle Real
    Ensamble Gurrufío - Maroa
    Cordas Dedilhadas de Pernambuco
    Ensamble Gurrufio w Hamilton - Sessoes
    Joel Nascimento - Chorando de Verdade
    Jorge Cardoso - Som de Bandolim
    Os Ingenuos - Choros from Brasil
    Paul Kelly Mandolin Album

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    Default Re: What are your favorite albums featuring mandolin?

    Quote Originally Posted by Charles E. View Post
    A few years ago my wife and I were down sizing in preparation for a move and we sold 99.9% of our LPs. I got rid of all the old time stringband, David Grisman, Jethro, Bob Wills, etc, etc.
    The one recording I keep going back to is from some friends in VA, the Mando Mafia, "Take Two". Lots of nice tunes.
    Aww, that means so much....thanks, Charley!


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