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Thread: Question on Manzanita album

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    Default Question on Manzanita album

    Who has the original vinyl on this? Please check something for me. I had the lp long ago and all I have now is the CD. In my memory the CD liner notes differ somewhat from the album. In my memory David Grisman played mandolin on two of the tracks and Ricky Skaggs played mandolin on two of the tracks. The CD shows them both playing mandolin on only one track each, with everything else played by Sam Bush. I've been wondering about this off and on for years. Anyone out there who can check this for me?

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    David Grisman is on mandolin on 3 tracks, Blackberry Blossom, Nine Pound Hammer and Stoney Point. Ricky Skaggs on mandolin on 2 tracks, Midnight on the Stormy Deep and Home from the Forest. Sam Bush plays mandolin on the rest of the tracks. Ricky and Sam do play fiddle on some of the remaining tracks that one of the others is on mandolin.

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    I only have it on CD, but have always considered it a great album with an astounding lineup.
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    You should get in touch with Tristan Scroggins, he has been posting Manzanita mandolin videos and said he transcribed them all. He always posts a little history/background of each tune he does so you may find some info over there (YouTube) as he posts them. He has also started up a Patreon thing and said the book of transcriptions are available to patrons. A super nice guy, Iíve learned several new tunes from him over the past year or so.
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    There was an interesting discussion about this way back in 2004:
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    I don't have the liner notes handy, but Grisman is definitely on Blackberry Blossom. Doesn't sound like Sam at all. Seems like the notes were incorrect on that one based on what a lot of people in the other thread posted.

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    My original vinyl shows Grisman on mandoline.

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    Somewhere in the back of my fading mind I seem to recall that the track listing on the vinyl didn’t match the tunes on the record. Haven’t played it for a while and I don’t have a turntable set up at the moment. Maybe somebody with both would like to check.

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    Yes, indeed his work. assistance is a "great value"!

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    1000% sounds like Dawg to me on BB. Where it’s clearly Sam on the title cut, Old Train, Ginseng Sullivan, and Blue Railroad Train. After a show once I was asking Sam about the song Manzanita, and he said something about Tony Rice actually playing an ovation guitar on just that track as opposed to his fabled D-28.
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