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Thread: Kala Tenor Guitar Tuned as Uke GCEA

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    Default Kala Tenor Guitar Tuned as Uke GCEA

    Fantastic Voice right out of the box. I'm more of a strummer, and long chord spans and new scales are just not in my Brain.

    I tried "Guitar Tuning" (Chicago?) for a while---pretty nice, but the Magic-Ness of the voice was missing.

    I've tuned it to Standard Uke and it's a beautiful voice with easier to play Chordings.

    I used a D'Adario standard Tenor set of strings---threw out the 32 string......replaced with a 25

    G 25
    C 22
    e 14
    a 10

    It's gorgeous!!!

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    Default Re: Kala Tenor Guitar Tuned as Uke GCEA

    I just bought a set of the soprano GCEA strings. Have not strung them yet. I’ll have to try that tenor trick. I’ve an oddball Framus Uke that’s halfway between tenor and bari scales. Bari strings are flabby on it and tenor sounds way to high. It might work with your combo.

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    Default Re: Kala Tenor Guitar Tuned as Uke GCEA

    Hi! I have a new Kala Tenor Guitar and am wanting to try the same thing. Are these strings still working for you? Thanks in advance.

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