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Thread: Martin Style 20 Enclosed Tuners 1920s

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    Default Martin Style 20 Enclosed Tuners 1920s

    This appears to be in great order with an original case. Currently, a low start price to the auction.

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    Default Re: Martin Style 20 Enclosed Tuners 1920s

    I’d have to agree Nick, not a bad starting price, and it looks really nice.
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    Default Re: Martin Style 20 Enclosed Tuners 1920s

    I think the seller's dating is off. This one has a decal on the headstock which indicates 1933 or later according to Martin Guitars: A Technical Reference. This model was last shown in the catalog 1940 but some were made 1949-1952 for students of Carlos DeFilipis. Looks like it is in excellent shape.

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    Default Re: Martin Style 20 Enclosed Tuners 1920s

    That is a good observation, Jim. I spent some time before I posted the link looking at quite a few on the internet and I did not find another with those recessed covered tuners- they all had engraved Waverly units except one that had Grover tuners. Very few had that heavy L & H style guard plate, so this mandolin appears not to follow the norm with those tuners. The first year of construction was 1929 according to what I have read.

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