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Thread: Pono GOM, preferred wood combo?

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    I am considering buying a guitar octave mandolin from Pono. I own a GT 800+ and it's okay, but I had a chance to play a guitar body OM a while back and really liked the tone. So, for a Pono, I am considering the larger body size and cutaway version. However, what wood choices are best? I was thinking spruce over mahogany would give me better note separation, but the rosewood is awfully pretty! 🤣

    So, given this, and that I play singer/songwriter stuff and Celtic, what body wood combo should I consider? I do not play in a band but do record my own stuff. I am leaning mahogany, which is cheaper, but the rosewood may have better bass response?

    A lover of music!

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    Default Re: Pono GOM, preferred wood combo?

    Anyone have thoughts on the best wood choice for a guitar bodies octave mandolin?
    A lover of music!

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