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Thread: Intonation problem on my Tenor Guitar

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    Default Intonation problem on my Tenor Guitar

    I don't know nothin' 'bout (birthin' no babies) fixed bridge instruments. So I don't know how to problem solve this problem: Tenor Guitar's C string, when tuned to C and then begin fretting up the neck, immediately goes sharp at the first fret and stays approximately the same degree of sharp all the way up the fret board. The other strings are pretty much on the money all the way up to F 12.

    Now, if it were a movable bridge, I'd know what to try. But not a fixed bridge. Any hints on where to start?

    (FWIW, my initial thought is that the nut slot is cut wrong ... my rationale being that if the nut slot were cut high, the C at F0 might be in tune, but fretting it--moving the tone in the sharp direction--would produce sharp tones, and since these are consistently sharp all the way up the fret board, it isn't a twisted or bent neck. If this isn't it, please tell me how I should have known.) (FWIW#2: this is a $200 TG, so a mis-cut slot is not out of the question.)

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    Default Re: Intonation problem on my Tenor Guitar

    Is the nut slot too high? Is the string true and if not did you try a new string?

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