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Thread: C.Mangan RoundCore Monel

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    Default C.Mangan RoundCore Monel

    Just put a set of these round core 13-56 on my Eastman AR605 archtop guitar. Really like them so far. Feel good to both hands.

    Been playing Monel mandolin strings for a couple years. Not sure if the Mangan's are hexagonal core or round? Fusion Matched?

    Have posed the question to C.Mangan by email. No word back yet.

    Anybody tried round core mandolin strings?

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    Got a nice email from Carlee at Curt Mangan. They will sell Monel round core strings
    in any gauge I want! Just hafta cut the balls off. Of the strings. For mando.

    I'm just experimenting.

    The Monel mandolin strings they sell are hex core.

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    Default Re: C.Mangan RoundCore Monel

    I love the Gabriel Wiseman monel set that CM has, have been using them for a few months now (2 sets).
    They are the "custom medium" gauges I prefer and I think they are as good or better than the D'addarios, which do not offer that gauge.
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