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    This one is in England although it was retailed new in Calcutta! You can imagine a typical bowlback being less than ideal for a tropical climate, whereas this type might fare a bit better. It's worth remembering that not long before this instrument had been made, that aluminium was a precious metal- Napoleon III had regalia made using this new metal but advances in extracting it from Bauxite made it commonplace but for a while it had a cachet because it had been so expensive. The basic mandolin apart from the bowl reminds me of OS and I assume that the mandolins were constructed by an established maker for Merrill. Apparently, Merrill went out of business as he did not pay whoever made the mandolins!

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    Only a few minutes left to bid on this (No bids so far). Free collection in person from Bognor Regis. Too far away for me.
    Edit: ended with no bids.

    Now relisted:
    The Merrill, Vintage Neapolitan, aluminium bowl back Mandolin
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    I have a fancier Merrill, also purchased on eBay perhaps 20 years ago or so; think I got it for $150.

    Merrill instruments were manufactured by the Aluminum Musical Instrument Co., which Neil Merrill founded in the 1890's. It was only in business for a short time, due to Merrill's apparently shady business practices. Here's an interesting Mgwumps article by the late Mike Holmes on aluminum instruments.
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