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Thread: Clifford Essex Flat Back Mandolin 1920s?

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    Default Clifford Essex Flat Back Mandolin 1920s?

    This mandolin has US made hardware. The original case is interesting as its latches appear to be made from plated or better metal than was the norm and the case is made of a higher quality fibre than a typical Reliance case of the time. I have seen 1930s Clifford Essex guitars with Grover tuners although in the main, British makers used German hardware but for more expensive instruments, they may have turned to the USA.
    The instrument was "constructed to withstand climatic influences" which means it could go to anywhere in the Empire and function although the English language Hofner catalogue from the 1930s goes on to say that this is done using plywood! An attractive looking instrument but I will not be coughing up 675!

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    Ah! “Johnny Roadhouse Music” - better known as the Manchester branch of “Hobgoblin”. A popular place (in non-covid times) for traditional instruments in this part of the world and, nowadays, allegedly reputable. Johnny R. was a well known sax. player who opened the shop in the 1950s. A friend of mine, back in the 70’s had a mandolin (his grandmother’s) stolen from his car. He reported it to the police and they suggested that he start by looking for it in a well known music shop .........

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    Ha! I used to walk by Johnny Roadhouse Music all the time when I lived in Manchester back in the early '90's, blast from the past!
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