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    I picked up the instrument a few months ago, but really just started getting serious with it about 3 weeks ago. With the help of, I am working on playing chords, and the G scale. I played bagpipes since 2007, but kind of lost interest in playing (its not really a jamming instrument-and, competing and playing in a band, is very regimented). I am looking for an online tutor I can link up with maybe once every couple of weeks, for a half hour, to instruct me, correct me, and generally help me in this journey. I would prefer online, as my schedule can vary a lot, and I can squeeze in a half hour pretty much whenever-but driving to a class doesnt always work.
    I am learning to read tab, and, coming from playing the pipes, I am finding my musical world and the "normal" one, they dont really sync . I can read pipe music, but have to hear the tune to get the timing in my head. Tab, for me, is MUCH easier, even though I am still working through it.
    Anyway, I am hoping there is someone out there that is offering live classes at a reasonable price, that I can link up with. There is a teacher local to me, but he isnt currently doing live stuff, and I dont know if he is doing video courses. Thank you!

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    Have you checked with Baron? He offers lessons through his Patreon site.
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    I did not, and didnt even think of that. Thank you!

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    I wonder if the reason there aren’t many posts is because there are just so, so many instructors available online. Name your mandolin player, and there is a good chance they are doing lessons online. Sharon Gilchrist, Pete Martin, Kaden Hurst, Emory Lester are some names you’ll see recommended here on the Cafe for very good reason, but there are many, many more great instructors. If you listen to the Mandolins and Beer podcast you’ll meet a bunch more mandolin players who are teaching online, too.
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    My five cents is that even though a lot of the prerecorded online instruction is really useful, you definitely need a one on one instructor at least a bit at the beginning and at regular intervals later on.

    As an example, I’ve been practicing metronomed one finger slides in G D A and E majors all the way up the neck and with this one technique, learning full time for only a week I’m amazed at how much better I can handle the more difficult tunes.

    Now if I’d had an instructor (like two years ago) he/she would have seen from my playing that I needed to get this particular technique worked out.

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    I've only heard good things about Peg Head Nation. They have different courses for different styles also.
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