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Thread: String comparison forthcoming...

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    The set I tried is much better the second day. I'm not in love with them, they're too heavy (it's hard to tune them - very tight), but last night I hated them so much I was going to change them today. Now I can live with myself while I wait for new strings to come in the mail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffD View Post
    When I change strings I do it one at a time, replacing before removing the next. Preserves the set up.

    I do not do my own set ups. That is a bridge too far.

    Definitely one at a time. I also love this video - I watch to warm up every time I start a string change. Another thing I do, that a lot of people will laugh at because they don't find this part difficult, BUT... I take a piece of scotch tape and put it over the post/hook where the loop is - this way I can get about an inch of slack at the nut before I put the sharp-turn in the string WITHOUT the loop popping off the post (or hook). You don't have to actually tape the string or anything - just slap the tape over the post and that little bit of a barrier keeps the loop from popping off until you can tighten the string.

    To get the ~1" slack, I just use two finger widths at the nut.

    Last night I tried to see if I could skip the tape and wound up messing up one of the strings because the loop had popped off without my notice, and I turned it at too short of a length. It was the inner E so I moved it to the outer and it worked out, but I'm going to keep using the tape for the foreseeable future.

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    If you pull the string tight and keep it tight while wrapping it around the post the correct number of times (your choosing) then put the end thru the hole in the post there is no guess work, very little turning of the tuner and the loop won't come of the hook as there is tension on it. It is also faster by far. The only thing to remember is the string has to go thru the hole above the windings, don't let them come off, pull the slack after threading it thru the hole and tune.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm almost finished with this first round of strings, and I decided to broaden the scope of my comparison. I took into consideration some of the recommendations made here (i.e. Curt Mangan Monel, GHS Silk & Steel), lighter gauges of strings I already like (D'Addario Nickel Bronze, GHS Pure Nickel), and some oddball strings I haven't heard much about (Savarez Argentine, Optima Chrome Special).

    Another confounding factor in my comparison—I just installed an armrest (Cumberland), and it has seriously improved the sustain and upper harmonics of the instrument!

    Anyways, I'm looking forward to testing these and writing up my thoughts to share with you all.
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