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Thread: Mark is back

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    Default Mark is back

    in case you haven't been getting enough mandocello in your diet lately

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    Default Re: Mark is back

    Posted recently....
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    Default Re: Mark is back

    YES--shows the full range of possibilities of this instrument. Not just buzzy bass lines, not just rapid-fire picking, but lyrical, melodic, upper register, harmonic.... these are the aspects I tried to promote in the CMSA Mandocdello Hangout. I hope others will post similar examples of the MC's "singing" potential; it also opens up options of those of us who don't have lightning speed or massive hand spread. Anybody interested in music written for solo mandocello, I got a small bundle and sources for more. I will figure out a way to make it easily accessible without just "email me" connections. Thank you marl O'Connor, thank you tmsweeny!

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    Default Re: Mark is back

    Amazing range from that instrument, and fine playing by Mark.
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    Default Re: Mark is back

    Fantastic playing by Mark, super expressive range of technique and musicality!

    But whoever did the camera editing on this video should be fired, IMO. Very distracting from the performance.

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