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Thread: Original song - Long Road

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    Default Original song - Long Road

    Crazy days, haven't had enough mandolin and music time recently but i did manage to get a song recorded a little bit ago that had been rattling around in my brain for a while. Maybe someday others will get out too

    Nothing mind blowing here, but it does have a Mandolin

    Maybe hard to tell from the outside, but the song is about a few things...questioning the future of a marriage, dealing with the death of parents, coping with the never ending stream of loss and grief that comes from working in a veterinary hospital, and backpacking.

    Wish playing & singing was tighter, think tempo should be a tad faster, wish i could record in a better space, I dislike soundcloud's processing, etc...such is life. Hope you enjoy but if not, thats ok. Feel free to leave any feedback, but if not, thats also ok

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    Default Re: Original song - Long Road

    That’s a great song! I really enjoyed your mandolin playing.

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