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Thread: Inquiries on two UK made instruments

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    Hello cafe members,

    I am trying to find some information on instruments made by Steve Agnew. I could find very little information or reviews online, except occasional statements that he is very good at what he does and very well respected as a luthier. Even his website doesn't have a lot of audio clips or videos of his instruments. So I was wondering if any Cafe members have any experience with his mandolins or octave mandolins.

    On another hand, I know from past discussion that a lot of people have played and like Paul Hathway instruments. I am trying to get opinions or reviews on his octave mandolas: action, sound, and specifically cedar versus spruce top.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I tried to commission a Paul Hathaway mandola about 18 mo ago. At the time he was using woods that cannot be imported into the US. Best to call him to find out if that has changed (if you are in the US). I recall being able to find information on his builds, which were reputed to be very sturdy (gigging musicians liked that) with a great sound.
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    There are some Agnew instruments in a shop in Stonehaven called Celtic Chords, to which I paid my first visit two days ago.
    The shop owner seems to really like his bouzoukis in particular, and indeed I played an Irish style bouzouki tuned GDad and a mandolin which seemed pretty good to me.
    David A. Gordon

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