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Thread: Carlo Aonzo's L'Italia dei 1000 Mandolini starts this Saturday

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    Default Carlo Aonzo's L'Italia dei 1000 Mandolini starts this Saturday

    This is from an email news blast from Carlo. Rather than attempt to make a news article out of this simply posting it here.

    It's word for word so in his voice:

    Carlo Aonzo's L'Italia dei 1000 Mandolini

    Here we are! Finally the Docu-Series "L'ITALIA DEI MILLE MANDOLINI" (Italy of one thousand mandolins) has English SUBTITLES!

    The eight episodes of the first series will be released with English subtitles (commissioned by the Classical Mandolin Society of America) on Saturday 21st November starting at 2 PM (Central European Time) every 30 minutes on my YouTube channel.

    Eight short documentaries conceived, written, directed and shot by Carlo Aonzo and Giulia Alliri with the priceless contribution of many friends on the field; these videos portray the backstage of the iconic Italian instrument through its cities, with anecdotes, curiosities, music, old photos, videos and much more.

    Enjoy our mandolin videos, make a donation and subscribe to my YouTube channel!
    Ciao and keep in touch.

    Carlo & Giulia

    What they say about the 'L'Italia dei 1000 Mandolini": "...I'm loving the Mille Mandolini videos. What a cool story and how great to have them subtitled in English. Thanks to you and Giulia for doing that. I knew Italy had a deep mandolin history, of course, but these videos help me appreciate how very deep it is. Nice job - what a cool project to have done!" F.P.
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