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Thread: Pro 35 microphone mounting solution

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    Default Pro 35 microphone mounting solution

    Hereís a solution for mounting an Audio-Technica Pro 35 mic that I hadnít seen before, so I thought Iíd share it. Apologies if itís been done before (and Iím sure it has).

    Iíve seen folks simply clip the Pro 35ís alligator clip to a DPA violin mount, but that seemed sort of flimsy and unstable. I noticed that the clip appeared to be attached to the gooseneck by a small screw, so I removed the screw and - viola - the alligator clip slid right off. I then simply zip-tied the gooseneck into the existing slot on the DPA mount. This set-up stays in place much better than just using the clip, and is less obtrusive than using a zip-tie with the clip still attached to the gooseneck.

    Hope you all find this useful!
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    Default Re: Pro 35 microphone mounting solution

    There are Viola chinrest clamps using 2 separate pieces , I'd expect those will be a solid mount ..

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    i like your style ....i have been turning the violin clip upside down using the alligator clip to clamp on the bar sticking up . its pretty solid but i like your way better
    its to bad audio technica doesnt come up with their own clip on version. either way the a.t. 350 is the best mike out there for the money its an awsome mike.

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    When I have used my pro 35 on my Rigel, I’ve just clipped it onto the tailpiece, and it works fine.

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