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Thread: Tascam DR-05X Record Settings

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    Default Tascam DR-05X Record Settings

    I just bought a Tascam DR-05X and still trying to figure this thing out. I am at the point where I can start a recording, stop it and play it back using Browse. I am playing my Pava A5 into it about 12 inches away with some experimentation for distance but the sound is pretty tinny with no depth. I am using decent headphones for playback. Can anyone share some of the record settings that you use to get a good sounding recording? Maybe I just sound that bad to the people I play with and they never told me!!!

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    Are the mics directly in front of the sound holes? Try positioning the mics 12 in in front of where the neck joins the body and then try 12 in in front of the tail piece. More experiments. Another thing to consider is the room you’re recording in. Try recording in a walk in closet if you have one. This alone made all the difference in recording my mandolin.

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