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Thread: Reverse Scroll Regal in the UK

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    Default Reverse Scroll Regal in the UK

    These are not too common in the UK. This one is interesting in the fact that it was imported by Beare & Son and has the words MADE IN USA impressed in the headstock which denotes it was sold in the 1930s after the British Government stipulated that all foreign made items sold had to be marked as such although having an American made instrument was seen as a very big step up from the various European imports! The mandolin is a low end version of the type but looks to be in okay condition from a quick glance.

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    Default Re: Reverse Scroll Regal in the UK

    Other than the non-original bridge this looks ok. In the second photo, I am not sure, but it looks like there may be some small indentation from the bridge. These are so quirky, ya gotta love 'em.

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    I don't know the correct translation into English, but the technical term for these mandolins is "Papa Smurf".

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    That reminds me of a moth that in England is called the Mother Shipton Moth due to markings on its forewings that somebody decided looked like a 16th century witch from Yorkshire.

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