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Thread: Tune from The Mandolin Store Site

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    Hi Everyone!

    I have been trying figure out the tune in this below link from The Mandolin Store. It is a clip from a sound test of a Gibson Master Model that they had up on their website. But man he plays so fast, it is getting the best of me. Does anybody know what tune this is, and perhaps have any resources of where to learn it?


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    I believe it is called “Drinking Three Cups of Espresso and Playing Lots of Notes Very Quickly.”

    At first it almost sounded like a choro tune. Then it seemed to veer off into some Dawg music and a few etudes from a classical method book. I actually believe he is just improvising. He obviously has monster chops but a few of us here have noted that his demos are not very useful to demo the mandolin. Play some scales, some chords, some chops, maybe show off the tonal qualities of the instrument as well as its sustain.

    Well, in any case, the mandolin is sold. I imagine there may be some snatches of known tunes there. Maybe someone else can ID them.

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    Default Re: Tune from The Mandolin Store Site

    I don't know what song he's playing, but he's a great picker and the mandolin sounds good.

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    I much prefer the Mandolin Store demos by Adam . He plays a variety of things that give, at least to me, a better feel for what the mandolins can do.

    James, the speed demon in the demo referenced, can obviously play, but only seems to demonstrate speed.

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    Default Re: Tune from The Mandolin Store Site

    I think I mean I know Wooder was inquiring as to what song he was playing

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    Default Re: Tune from The Mandolin Store Site

    That video proves the old adage that even a flyaway pinkie can be trained to go where it is needed when it is needed. And if it's not an old adage, maybe it ought to be.

    Unfortunately my pinkie remains untamed and untrained.
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    Speaking of great chops on the mando demos, a lot of the tunes also seem to be down about a 1/2 step...not that there's anything wrong with that.

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    The first part sounds like Bach, then ... The rest ... no idea.

    The worst thing is he's mostly blocking the view of what looks like a really nice old Gibson F4 on the wall. Maybe it's a Weber?
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    I’m glad I’m not the only one who had the same thoughts.

    Adam does a great job with the demos... he hits nice full notes and lets them ring... you can really get a sense of what the instrument sounds like. Does he still work there?

    The new guy has amazing chops I suppose, but the mandolins all sound somewhat similar at that speed... I’d love to have his improvisation skills, though, they’re unbelievable.

    That particular MM has some amazing depth and power.. that’s obvious at any speed. Hope the new owner is enjoying the heck out of it, I would...
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    Default Re: Tune from The Mandolin Store Site

    Some of the phrasing or maybe one of the phrases reminds me of some or one of the phrases from Sierra Hull's "Bombshell"

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