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Thread: Vitti 'Na Crozza

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    The great Amalia Rodrigues' interpretation (with a fado touch)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidKOS View Post
    I rather love that style of Sicilian music.
    Me too, David, I could listen to this genre all day and still not get enough.
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    And here is the version by Michelangelo Verso

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    Default Re: Vitti 'Na Crozza

    Thanks, vonbiber! I could listen to Amaia R. all day (and sometimes I do).


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    Sciuri is like the unofficial anthem of Italy. Vita N'Crozza falls into that category as well. Both are in my Mandolin Melodies book, lead sheet with guitar chords. Sciuri is an irreverent song you might hear at a wedding (after you've imbibed sufficient wine) and Vita is an integral part of the mourning ritual music.
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    That is some fast tremelo!

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