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    I see Bryan Kimsey has closed his shop. Just curious if anyone knows why? Hope he is Ok. With that said, who is very reputable at refretting and setting up a mandolin? Thanks,EE.

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    He’s doing great. He is moving his home and shop a bit farther north in the Taos area. He will be back up and going again. That said, I had Dave Harvey in Nashville refret my mandolin last time. He did an amazing job. Or you wait for Byan to set his shot up.
    It doesn't matter . . . I'm going to WINFIELD!!!!!

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    I have re-fretted 30 or more instruments for Norman Blake, and he's quite picky about his frets. Also, a couple for Peter Ostroushko.
    Norman has mentioned my work in an interview.

    Bob Chuckrow
    Chattanooga, TN

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    I can give a thumbs up for Bob. He can handle diffucult Jo's like converting bar to modern frets.

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