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    Default Good bye Chick

    I heard that Chick Corea passed away today from cancer. As a lifelong jazz enthusiast and player he was one of my heroes. Simply in another universe of excellence and integrity. About 5 years ago was the last time I heard him perform live, and it was a duo set with Chick and Bela Fleck. Kind of an odd mix of talent and musical experience, but they made it work really well, as would be expected from such great musicians.
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    I first learned of him with the "Chick Corea" album from the Maynard Ferguson band, I was an avid Maynard fan back in the day. We all knew Chick Corea was a special talent.
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    As a high school-age pianist in the early '70s, Keith Emerson was my man. Then, one day, someone said to me, "Ya gotta hear this", and played me the Light As A Feather album.
    Changed my life.

    Thank you, Chick.

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    Default Re: Good bye Chick

    Sad news. Adios Chick.

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    Default Re: Good bye Chick

    Saw Chick a couple times in Boston, once in solo performance at Berklee and again at Symphony Hall with Bela Fleck as they presented The Enchantment. Fabulous performances.
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    I last saw Chick in 2010 at the Blue Note with Paul Motian and Eddie Gomez playing Bill Evans’s “Waltz for Debby”—unforgettable.

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    Default Re: Good bye Chick

    i saw him a couple of times but never with this ensemble. The album, though, really turned me into a Chick Corea, Mike Brecker, Eddie Gomez, and Steve Gadd fan. I wore out 2 vinyls and still listen pretty often.

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    Poor Chick. He seemed so young and healthy for someone in his late 70's. I've been watching videos of him since he passed last week. Saw a good one last night of him hanging out in Spain and sitting in on Flamenco jam sessions. He just loved music. Damn. Master of Piano. Master of the Fender Rhodes. Master of the Keytar. The world was not ready to say goodbye to him. Glad it was quick. F*** cancer.

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    I was a big Chick Corea fan in the 1970s and beyond. The only time I saw him was in the mid-70s in RTF, with Stanley Clark, Al DiMeola and Lenny White. What a show! The level of musicianship on the stage was amazing, and the solos were soaring. Such an evening.

    Spent last Saturday evening after dinner sitting in the comfy chair with a book, some Russell's Reserve and Chick on random play. Much too young to be gone.
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    Milford Graves also passed last week.
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