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Thread: Anyone played a Sefl mandolin?

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    Default Anyone played a Sefl mandolin?

    Anyone? What did you think?

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    Default Re: Anyone played a Sefl mandolin?

    Google wanted to search for Self mandolin. A Czech maker: proper spelling is Šefl. Web site is here.

    I like the logo with the Š as a snake. They have a Facebook page. I assume you have seen these on that page or their site.

    I have never played one. I don't know if any ever make it to the US.

    I hope someone has played one on this site.

    There is this video:


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    Default Re: Anyone played a Sefl mandolin?

    Looking at his Gallery, he made a Blond F5 for a client in the US, very impressive.
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    Default Re: Anyone played a Sefl mandolin?

    Bert Deivert (blues mandolinist in Sweden) has one ... I wonder if he's posted any videos with it. More than you wanted to know about electric mandolins.

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    Default Re: Anyone played a Sefl mandolin?

    The blonde is exceptional.

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    Default Re: Anyone played a Sefl mandolin?

    Yes, I found his page and was quite impressed. Would love to hear more from anyone that has played one. He seems rather talented.

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