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    I have decided to build a mandolin and I am looking for any advice that I can get. I'm a competent woodworker (furniture maker) with an adequate shop but this is a whole new direction for me. I have the plans for an "F" mandolin from StewMac and I've looked for a copy of R. Smirnoff's book (the Ultimate...) but it seems to be unavailable. I figured that this is the place to get the information and guidance that I need.


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    If you are not set on building an F-5, I would also recommend Graham McDonalds book "The Mandolin Project"...

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    I was able to get a used copy of Siminoff's book and it had all of the plans in it. I would also recomend Graham McDonalds book. I built my bouzouki (first instrument build) from his bouzouki book and am quite happy with it.
    Thanks a lot
    Bob Schmidt

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    For you're first build, you may want to consider starting with an A5. You get the same sound of F holes without the challenges of carving and binding the scroll. You can use the plans you have for the F5 and just omit the points and scroll.

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    You may also find that you need smaller tools such as thumb planes with flat or convex soles, 1/4 or 1/8 in chisels or gouges, that sort of thing. Plus patience!

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