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Thread: Bowlback, US Made? Interesting

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    Default Bowlback, US Made? Interesting

    I don't think this was a very expensive mandolin judging by the number of ribs. It does have some interesting features- the tailpiece and tuners. I am not going to speculate on the maker as I can't see anything specific that suggests a particular maker. I suppose there is a good chance it was made in Chicago but there again, it may be from somewhere else and a lesser known maker- possibly even north of the border.

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    Default Re: Bowlback, US Made? Interesting

    The tuners do look odd....possibly replacements given the presence of a screw hole on the back of headstock below the plate.
    The worm over gearing is also of note. I'm giving my bowl posse the once over and don't see any natives with such.
    Maybe these were put on upside down?
    The front cover plate on the tuners doesn't seem related to the back tuners. Maybe a holdover from the original ones?
    Looks generically bowl ordinaire, but doesn't give off a Chicago vibe to me, for whatever that's worth. Could certainly be, though.
    Maybe Mid-Atlantic Rim?
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    I think your observation about the tuners is correct. They probably are late 1920s worm over brass plate units that have replaced an earlier set that were matched with those plates on the front of the headstock although they may be older and upside down. The dot markers are reminiscent of OS made mandolins but I would not use that alone to give an attribution. Other than that, I cannot offer any suggestions that are stronger than pure guesswork.

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    Default Re: Bowlback, US Made? Interesting

    It looks in the 8th photo that there may be a gap in the neck joint. No clues as to manufacturer.

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    Default Re: Bowlback, US Made? Interesting

    Looks US-made to me

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    Default Re: Bowlback, US Made? Interesting

    Sold for $105.
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