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Thread: Article: Acoustic Disc Releases David Grisman Quartet with Svend Asmussen Live at Fat Tuesday's

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    Default Article: Acoustic Disc Releases David Grisman Quartet with Svend

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    Default Re: Article: Acoustic Disc Releases David Grisman Quartet with Sv

    If you all want to hear some really great music... as in great music, check out this fabulous session. These guys were on fire back in the day/night in New York City and, thanks to the quality of the recording, for me this will serve as a textbook on how to play rhythm and how to comp using our diminutive 8-stringed friend. These guys are masters and will, through listening to these recordings, raise your playing and thinking about music to a whole different level. Oh yes... and then there's the inclusion of Andy Statman on two tracks... 'nuff said!

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    I was there for one performance when Andy Statman sat in. I sat next to Andy who was in the audience during the show. He played an F-5, one of Dawg's. I met Svend after the show, along with his wife. Svend plugged in to play 2 songs at once, solo!
    I can hear my voice saying "Django" on the Swingin' With Svend record.
    I met Svend, Stephane, and Vassar. I have my grandfather's fiddle but I still do not know how to hold the instrument or the bow!!!

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