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    Default A sensational find...

    Yesterday I was browsing through YouTube - as one does - and I stumbled across an incredibly beautiful song "Suantraí na hOíche" by Macdara Ó Faoláin. Everything about the recording had me breathless. Macdara's lovely playing of his unison-strung bouzouki, the melody of the song which he had composed, his mellow singing... As I said above, incredibly beautiful. Check it our for yourself

    I got in touch with Macdara to compliment him on the song, his playing and the tone of the bouzouki he was playing. In the course of an online conversation, Macdara told me that he made the bouzouki himself and that as well as a highly accomplished musician it turns out that he's a luthier, making the most exquisite instruments. Check out the quality of his workmanship at

    And how do his mandolins sound? Well - as lovely as they look. Check out

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    Thanks, Aidan. I love the sound of both the bouzouki and mandolin. The workmanship looks stupendous, too.

    For your (and my) convenience:


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    Thanks, Aidan, for the heads up – sweet music indeed. YouTube's auto-play followed it up with a video of Macdara providing beautiful accompaniment to his brother Pax's equally beautiful fiddle playing (a full 43 minutes, if you have the time).

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    Default Re: A sensational find...

    Thanks for the heads-up, Aidan. Lovely instruments and fine playing.
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    Default Re: A sensational find...

    I first came across Macdara in a MC thread on buying a bouzouki from an Irish maker in Sept 2019.

    I found it a very interesting thread, and it introduced me to a number of people I hadn't heard of before, like Macdara and Ultan Walsh and others.
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    Sensational find, indeed!

    Looking at his website, I am truly impressed by the ancient bog yew instruments. What a privilege to be able to work with such a unique tonewood.

    I also enjoyed his comments on cedar: "I love cedar for bouzoukis and mandolins, it has an excelling warmth that makes such a homely sound. It’s very difficult to describe sounds, but cedar is like a warm blanket. It’s definitely my favourite."

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