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    Default Mandolin bridge

    I recently bought a TKD mandolin . Once the weather changed I started to have bussing problems. I tried raising the bridge but then noticed that the bussing was mostly mid neck. I took it to a guy Iíve used before who is a good technician. He found that the bridge had split at both ends. I never tightened it so not sure how that could happen. Iím now looking for a new bridge, any suggestions? I have seen the Cumberland bridgeís are popular. Anyone have a certain make , model they are happy with?
    Thank you

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    Question Re: Mandolin bridge

    <Guess> It may be that your fingerboard is not flat, they do change over time.
    2 mandolins got fingerboard leveling as part of a re fret ,

    but maybe you just need a fret dressing leveling if the frets are in decent shape ..

    1) a '22 A4, I bought a fossil walrus tusk ivory upper piece, custom made..

    2) the original bridge probably was from Cumberland Acoustics , on a Mix A5 ..

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    Default Re: Mandolin bridge

    I can vouch for a Cumberland bridge - if it's put on by a good luthier, then it should sound and feel great, and last you for a while.
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    Default Re: Mandolin bridge

    Golden Gate M 202, under 15 bucks on Amazon, dismiss all the hype about expensive bridges, the 202 is made just like the rest; piece of ebony with metal posts.
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    Default Re: Mandolin bridge

    I put one from Bruce Weber (formerly of Weber Mandolins) It's absolutely excellent.
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    Default Re: Mandolin bridge

    The bridge may have split at both ends, but buzzing only at mid neck would indicate to me a truss rod adjustment. Not saying you don't need a new bridge, because if it split you need at least a new saddle. The foot may be just fine. But the truss rod should be looked at too, you may have a too tight truss rod inducing a little back bow.

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    Default Re: Mandolin bridge

    The truss rod did need adjustment. I ordered a Cumberland bridge this morning. Thanks for all your help

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    Default Re: Mandolin bridge

    Can someone explain ' bussing ' it's something unfamiliar here in the UK

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    Default Re: Mandolin bridge

    I suspect the original poster mixed up his ďssísĒ with his ďzzísĒ. (Apologies for the inappropriate use of apostrophes.)

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    Default Re: Mandolin bridge

    Steve Smith is a very knowledgeable and responsive professional. Get in touch with him. He'll fix you up with the right Cumberland Acoustic bridge. The key is to have it fitted by a luthier.
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    Default Re: Mandolin bridge

    I agree with Pops on this - if the buzzing was from the bridge, it would stand to reason all notes (or at least all fretted notes that put more pressure on the bridge) would buzz. Since that's not the case and it's just the middle of the neck, my guess would be there's a bump in your neck somewhere as well as a broken bridge. Likely the bridge broke because of the additional pressure put on the bridge when the neck morphed out of shape. The buzzing however is likely caused from the neck being slightly bent up (somewhere in the middle) causing the string to not fret properly.

    I would suggest sighting the mandolin yourself. It should be pretty easy to see if there's a bump somewhere on the neck - but pay close attention to the area where the buzzing is. If you do have a bump, that's the root cause of both your issues (the broken bridge and the buzzing) IMO

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