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Thread: Case for Martin A mandolin

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    Default Case for Martin A mandolin

    Knowledgeable people,

    I've got what purports to be a nearly perfect SS Steward/Martin arriving in a few days. As you can imagine, I'm excited as I've put MAS off for nearly a decade. The only downside this instrument is the lack of a case.

    From my searches on the board, I saw some much older threads indicating that there's not a really a good case option for this (sort of) oddly shaped mandolin. Is that still the case (ooh, very bad pun)?

    If anyone has any suggestions along the lines of 'this case is perfect' to 'yeah, I was able to cram mine into a X brand soft case with a tee-shirt', I'm all ears. Thanks to all in advance!
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    Default Re: Case for Martin A mandolin

    Wish I could assist you. My Style A came in a great wooden case, heavily built, arched top, thick padding and green plush lining; not a perfect fit -- a little bit of wiggle room, but still quite protective. But no brand on it, just a "made in China" sticker. It was obviously designed with a Gibson A-model in mind, but works fine for the Martin.

    I'd only suggest that you visit a dealer who handles A-model mandolins, and see if there's one of his cases that is "close enough" to work for you. All the original cases I've seen listed, are being sold with Martin mandolins. A heavily padded A-model case might be as close as you can find, unless you luck into a used original.
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    Default Re: Case for Martin A mandolin

    Seems to be an ongoing problem with few solutions. Here's a thread from 3 years ago.

    Some of these old Martin mandolins come with original hardshell cases but more of them with original or period chipboard ones. I would see what decent modern cases work and pad them otherwise to fit. I suggested in that older thread to maybe contact flattop makers these days and see what they use for hardshell cases. If you have your heart set on a vintage case that fits it exactly, good luck.

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    Default Re: Case for Martin A mandolin

    I bought a two point mandolin that didn't quite fit any case I tried. The instrument was special. And it was a keeper. So, taking a chance, I ordered a custom-built case from Ameritage. Basically, they asked me to send them very specific photos and measurements. I chose blue with wine red leather piping as the colors. Then they told me they sent all my specs off to their shop in central America that actually built the case.

    After an annoying six month wait, they sent the custom case to me. What can I say? the mandolin didn't fit. I mean it wasn't even close. I suspected they lost my measurements and photos, and simply decided to build an F5 case. I sent the unusable case back to them. They offered to return my down payment.

    Here's where it gets interesting. I really liked the look of that hard-shell shaped case covered in canvas and leather. So I asked them to try it again. I sent them the same photos and measurements again. This time I got what I wanted. And it only took three months.

    I like the case a lot, and often get compliments about it. It's heavy, but not any more than bulletproof expensive cases. It cost me about half of what I'd have paid for a Hoffee or a Calton. I like to believe that Ameritage has their act much more together now, than 6 years ago when I dealt with them.
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