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Thread: Just got this email from Acoustic Disc

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    Default Just got this email from Acoustic Disc

    and immediately purchased the HD Flac - wow

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    Default Re: Just got this email from Acoustic Disc

    This is for

    David Grisman Quintet
    These recently discovered performances are the very first recordings of the David Grisman Quintet, made shortly after Tony Rice’s arrival to join the group in October, 1975. As David states in the liner notes, “Even though this band had been rehearsing for only a few weeks, the energy and spirit of the music was already very focused and exuberant — a pivotal moment in American string band music and my personal musical journey.” In addition to the Dawg, the original members of the quintet heard hear are Tony Rice on guitar, Darol Anger on violin, Todd Phillips on mandolin and Joseph Carroll on bass. The original tape was transferred to the HD format (24 bit, 96khz), and will be of interest to every fan of this ground-breaking ensemble.
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    Default Re: Just got this email from Acoustic Disc

    Yes, the article was posted here on Sunday. It's a wow for sure. I'm not sure what the CD flac and HD flac formats are.
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